Fresh water riddles

 Q. How often do you drink from the toilet?
A. Every day…the same water is constantly recycled as the water from our sewer system eventually evaporates and falls as rain and gets reused in our domestic water systems.

Q. How can a one liter bottle use 3 liters to fill it?
A. It is estimated that it takes 2 liters of water to make the bottle and 1 liter to fill it.

Q. Which land species would overrun the earth if we ran out of fresh water?
A. There are some desert rodents that actually do not drink water

Q. Why did we have a lot more water before the ice age when everything was a lot greener?
A. For millions of years the amount of fresh water has always been the same which is only 2.75% of the total water on earth.

Q. Why can’t we just melt all the ice and get plenty of fresh water.
A. Over 2/3 of the world’s fresh water is locked up in ice but it is not located where the population is concentrated.

Q. With all the lakes and rivers we have, why should we conserve our fresh water supply?A. There actually is not that much: Only 1/10th of one percent is surface water and the vast majority is in the great lakes of US and Russia.

Q. How much weight could you lose if you stopped drinking water?
A. The diet would not last long as you can only survive around 3 days without water.

Q. If I sat in a dehydrator long enough, how much weight could I lose?
A. As all the water evaporated from your body you would lose 60% or in my case I would weigh 88 pounds and suffer from dry skin.

Q. Does my pressure washer use more water since it cleans so much faster than the garden hose?
A. The garden hose uses 3 to 4 times the amount of water per minute or even more if not equipped with a shut off nozzle.

Q. What’s the problem with washing and letting the water run down to the storm drain?
A. The contamination and oil/grease are toxic and transported to our rivers and lakes by the water. Toxins can be absorbed by fish, animals, plants, and humans or eventually consumed indirectly by humans which is worse than drinking from the toilet .

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